David Sheahan’s film, Together! is on tour at festivals worldwide. He recently won the Best New Animator award at the California International Animation Festival.

David made his first flipbook before he could read. Born to Evangelical missionaries in a small Illinois town, he began administering emergency art therapy to himself and others through music, pictures, and words. A hefty gift on his eleventh birthday – Ollie Johnston’s and Frank Thomas’ The Illusion of Life – confirmed him in the religion of Art.

He followed it to the mecca of kooks, San Francisco. His mentor was composer and scholar D. Woodard, who held an exclusive license from author and Beat-era legend William S. Burroughs to manufacture the Brion Gysin Dreamachine, a stroboscopic flicker device that can trigger a visual dream state. When Woodard produced a special edition machine for the Burroughs retrospective at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, David accompanied him to the private opening. He then returned to LA to fulfill an actor’s contract with Dragon Talent.

Acting chops in place, David came to New York City and got involved with experimental film. He worked and screened his short films at Jonas Mekas’ Anthology Film Archives.

He also painted. His paintings have appeared in two NYC group shows, and he was commissioned to create a 40’ by 15’ outdoor mural on the Highline railway route in Manhattan in 2001. He also hand painted couture apparel for YokoOzzy Design.

While enrolled in Pratt Institute’s traditional animation program, David worked for six months, doing ink & paint and inbetweens for the Cartoon Network series, SUPERJAIL!. He also studied painting and printmaking in Venice, Italy. In 2009, he earned a credit as an editor and top production artist on Debra J. Solomon’s HBO cartoon special, “Getting Over Him in 8 Songs or Less.”