The "Together!" Soundtrack!


I wrote the theme song for Together! soon after coming up with the plot: Scribbled down the words on the subway, then went home and crooned. But that was just the start!
Listen after the jump.

A musician spluttered out on me, three weeks before the screening — so I ended up having to buy a MIDI keyboard to plunk out all-new soundtracks myself! And I wasn’t even done animating!
Vincent’s Theme

Spider’s Theme

Candice’s Theme

Coffeepot Theme

Coffeepot’s Freakout

If anyone’s wondering, yes, I did the singing on the theme song. It would’ve been fun if Candice (who I also voiced) had a funny, sappy singing part. Next time!

Without further ado, here’s the theme song music:


This was an auspicious start to 2009. Except, not for the bugs of course.


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